About Me

I found my mat quite late in my life, but fell in love immediately.

My mat became my home, my place of safety, a place to challenge my own boundaries, face my fears, a place to REALLY get to know myself inside out and a place to dream. I had never felt quite so alive. Yoga became a hobby, then a dedicated practice and then so much more… yoga became a way of life. I wanted everyone to experience this.

I embarked on my journey of becoming a yoga a teacher. My initial yoga teacher training I completed locally, at a small studio in Pretoria and started teaching.

My time in India...

 I journeyed to India to do my international qualification (200RYS) in Rishikesh, India. I had the privilege of learning yoga under the guidance of Yogacharya Vinay Chaitnyaryt. It is here, where I experienced the true essence of yoga, as much more than just a physical practice, but a deeply spiritual practice, a union of body, mind and soul, a union with the divine.

I incorporate what I learned in India in all of my classes. I teach traditional Hatha yoga with emphasis on strength, flexibility, proper alignment and an element of fun. I include pranayama and meditation in honor of the eight limbs of Yoga. I like to challenge my students in order to get them to push their own boundaries with the intention (faith and hope) of guiding them deeper into their inner self and to challenge their ingrained beliefs and perceptions of self and the world they live in.


For my continued education in yoga, I am currently in my final year of Iyengar yoga training and will this year be completing training in this style. Iyengar yoga lays emphasis on detail, precision and alignment when practicing the asanas; prioritising correct movement (longer holds), over quantity of movement.

 Yoga has become entwined in every fiber of my being and I hope to instill this love in every student I come across.

I am forever a dedicated student of yoga

“Yoga is the path to the self through the self.”

-Bhagavad Gita

wendy bourbon

I like to laugh. I am honest,  passionate and loyal.

I like pasta, curry, chili, pizza, tacos, avo, hummus and salad. I like all types of vegetables except Brussels Sprouts.

I love to cook. I love yoga, arm balances, music and dancing.

I like forests, nature and the ocean. I like to walk barefoot, the smell of rain, the wind blowing through my hair and to watch the sun rise or set.

What my clients say

From the first yoga class I attended with Wendy (I was very much a beginner), I felt relaxed because of her patience and ease at which she gives her classes. She is clearly passionate and serious about yoga, yet her light-hearted jokes make her classes fun to attend. She pays attention to how poses are held and unassumingly corrects if necessary, without making you feel uncomfortable. She’s a great inspiration for where I’d like to be in my practice of yoga one day.
- Sam Shaw
I have always wanted to try Yoga, but was a little apprehensive because I have trouble with my back and knees. My sister was chatting to Wendy and she said I should definitely join her classes as it would benefit me immensely! I have been going to classes for a few months now. Wendy is awesome, she has researched which poses are good for my back pain. If a pose is too hectic she is nothing but encouraging and patient. My back doesn’t hurt as much as it used to and my knees are getting there! I really enjoy our Thursday night classes and can’t wait to see how agile I get in the future! 😄
- Carryn Morrison

Start your yoga journey today

It doesn’t matter what shape or size you are. How flexible or strong you are. Yoga is for EVERYONE! All you need is a mat!