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“Practice and with it, surrender, are the cornerstones of yoga.”
– John Schumacher


Welcome to Yoga Hive

Yoga Hive is a boutique studio situated in the Rietondale, Pretoria.Β Our mission is to offer world class yoga classes in Pretoria in an all-inclusive environment for practitioners to realize their full potential. We offer a safe space for ALL practitioners, regardless of age, gender, shape, level or size – we truly believe that yoga is for EVERYONE!Β 

At Yoga Hive, it’s about YOUR journey and not the destination. Classes are adapted for both seasoned practitioners and beginners in order to empower your journey toward your own personal growth and well-being.

Our commitment to your yoga practice is holistic with the intention of integrating the various limbs of yoga (ethical, postural, breathing and meditative practices). We begin with a firm understanding of the asanas, emphasizing stability and working progressively toward the type of mobility that will make it possible for you to move freely with grace and ease. We aspire to cultivate TRUE mobility SAFELY, incorporating flexibility, strength, agility and motor control. We approach and explore our yoga practice with the spirit of curiosity and possibility, at times playfully stepping outside of the box. Once a firm understanding of the asanas has been established we will incorporate the practice of pranayama and meditation.

Yoga practice requires a willingness to explore, a level of curiosity, a certain kind of open mindedness; it is then, when yoga practice becomes a partner or a friend through the journey of life. Life will always be changing, life will always be challenging, so too, the practice of yoga should evolve and in itself be able to change, challenge, adapt and grow. We endeavor to support you through your journey and evolution in making yoga your life-long friend.

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Corporate Yoga

Corporate yoga offers the company a unique and inexpensive opportunity to address challenges in the workplace.


Private Yoga

Private yoga sessions offer you an opportunity to receive personalized instruction in order to develop a greater understanding of yoga


Yoga Classes

Classes are suited to all levels, whether you are a beginner or seasoned practitioner and are taught in such a way as to encourage self-practice

What my clients say about me

In late 2019 I had severe back problems. A spinal surgeon diagnosed me with arthritis in my lumbar spine, causing the nerve to be pinched. This caused muscle spasms next to the spine and eventually I had scoliosis. I used medication, but the best suggested treatment was exercise. The exercises the biokineticist prescribed did not help and by April the following year I was worse. I was doing yoga at that time, and Wendy suggested I try Iyengar yoga to align my body. We took a few sessions where she assessed my posture and body, she identified my worst areas to work on: feet and pelvis. After 3 months I could see some improvement and after 6 months, the pain and spasms completely stopped. Her strong approach to body alignment and the strengthening of the muscles to facilitate it, has made me realize that we do should treat our bodies with more care and knowledge. I am now practicing Iyengar yoga weekly with Wendy and the improvement is measurable. It is never easy, but always satisfying.
- Annalene Rautenbach
I have been looking for someone to guide me in understanding the correct way to practice yoga for quite some time. Having tried DVD's and classes in the gym I never quite felt like I was gaining all the benefits that I had read so much about. When a friend sent me Wendy's details I jumped at the chance to give it another shot. Yoga with Wendy means attention to detail and training your mind and body to connect in a way that they never have before. Wendy is patient and meticulous and moves at a pace that is comfortable yet still challenging. In just 2 months I am already starting to understand my body in a way I never have before, and have been surprised and excited about pushing past my fears and insecurities. I have also begun to understand why yoga is referred to as a practice rather than a fitness routine. I can push myself a little bit further with each class and it has inspired me to really embrace and trust myself. It is so much more about holistic wellness than just strengthening muscles. I could recommend yoga with Wendy to anyone who is in a rut, feeling a little disconnected, or simply looking to try something new. Sometimes we just need to do ourselves a little favour and gift ourselves with the courage to enter a space of self acceptance. And from my experience, that's what you gain from her class.
- Olivia-Anne Botha
I've been doing yoga with Wendy for a month now. I've also attended some classes of hers before and I absolutely love her classes! πŸ§˜πŸ»β€β™€ I love how passionate she is, she is always telling me how to better the position, focusing on small adjustments to ensure I do it correctly. Wendy is also very knowledgeable regarding various ranges of injuries and the poses to avoid when you have these. I love that she integrates the Sanskrit names into class so that you can learn it as you learn to perfect the poses! She is highly skilled and one of my favourite yoga teachers! πŸ€ΈπŸ»β€β™€ I would highly recommend her classes. But beware, you will be stiff πŸ˜‰, but that just means you're advancing 😁
- Ilanri Croucamp

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